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History of Our Church

United in Christ Lutheran Church was founded in 1997 as the result of a merger between two congregations with rich histories in the towns of Eveleth, Gilbert and Sparta, Minnesota.


United in Christ Lutheran has four predecessor congregations that were founded by Lutheran immigrants to the Iron Range from Finland.  Three of the congregations worshiped and held their business in Finnish, and one in Swedish.


They came to Northern Minnesota to work in the iron ore mines or other businesses that serviced the mines and created lives for themselves and their families in the multi-ethnic towns and communities that have come to be known as the Iron Range.


This rich heritage is the foundation for our 21st Century community of people who worship together as God's people at United in Christ (now you understand our name) Lutheran Church.  We are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


History of the ELCA

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America was formed over 20 years ago. This new church was formed from three separate and well-established North American church bodies:

  • The American Lutheran Church
  • The Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, and
  • The Lutheran Church in America.

Beginning January 1, 1988, these churches, with shared beliefs and missions, officially formed the ELCA. Two decades later, this energized church is composed of 4.8 million members and nearly 10,500 congregations across the U.S. and Caribbean. Today, the ELCA reflects the rich and diverse heritage of the people it serves.


But to understand our heritage fully, one must trace our roots back through the mid-17th century, when early Lutherans came to America from Europe, settling in the Virgin Islands and the area that is now known as New York. Even before that, Martin Luther sought reform for the church in the 16th century, laying the framework for our beliefs.

Read about Lutheran Roots in America on the ELCA website >>


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March 04, 2021

WORSHIP TIMESSundays at 9:00 am & 10:30 am

(Summers at 10:00 & 11:00 am)


About United in Christ

Come to the About Us section to learn about United in Christ Lutheran church, and find out what we're all about!


What is the ELCA?

Find out about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the history of our National Church on our What is ELCA page.

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